Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Javier - 13 weeks

You can fire away at how ridiculous this post is in the comments.  I can take it....maybe! ;)

*I stole the categories from Carolyn's post on her son's 7 month update and adding in a few of my own.

{What's New}

Going from having one family dog to two has been an easier adjustment that we ever imagined.  Yes, it's double the duty and double the responsibility, but Javier is so worth it.  Since we got him kind of spur of the moment, we didn't have a lot of time to really plan for this one, but I'll have to admit that I have loved this experience with Javie so much more than I did when we got Chip.  We were potty training him at 8 weeks old at the same time we were potty training our year and a half year old human child {Lilli}.  It was overwhelming to say the least.  Besides that, Chip was much harder as a puppy.  He barked and whined a lot.  He didn't take to crate training at all and seemed to be miserable during the day when we were at work.  I'm not sure if it's that we have more help now that the girls are older or that Chip has really welcomed Javier well as his little side-kick, but Javier seems to be so easy and fits so well into our family! 


Javier has a check up at the vet this Friday, so we'll know then for sure how much he weighs.  He was 1.5 lbs when we got him {at 7 weeks} and I'd say he's at least doubled in size, if not a little more?  I'm interested to see where he's at.  He's a little deceiving, because he has lots of fur that makes him look a little bigger, but when you hold him you can feel how tiny he is still.

{Hair Color}

I know I'm biased, but Javier has the prettiest coloring.  He's a perfect mixture of black, caramel-y  brown and white.  He's lighter around his face, top of his head and feet and darker on his back.

{Eye Color}



Javier sleeps much like a human baby does.  He does so well throughout the night, maybe getting up once around 4am to go to the bathroom and then up again at 6-6:30 to go again.  At that point he's up and wanting to play.  We were very hesitant about this being he's so little, but he does sleep in bed with Adam and I.  Usually curled up in a blanket at the end of our bed.  There is no way he'll jump down, so it's been kind of nice because when he needs to go potty, he'll just sit up and whine until we take him out.  It's easier than him being free to go all over the house.  After the failed crate experience with Chip, we decided not to go that route with Javier. 
He does have a small dog bed that he loves, too, and a pink baby blanket that the girls gave him.  He stays in the bathroom while we're gone during the day, so we keep his little bed/blanket in there with some toys so he can nap comfortably. 
He'll nap in the morning when we're home on the weekends and a few shorter naps in the afternoon/evening.  He'll go to bed with Adam and I around 10.


We feed Javier the same food we do Chip, Fromm's.  When we first got him we'd soak it in water for a little bit to make it a little softer, just to transition from the food that he was given right away with the food we were going to feed him.  He did awesome through the transition and after about a week, we didn't have to water it down any more.  We feed him about a fourth of a cup in the morning and the same amount in the afternoon.

{Potty Training}

Javier has been awesome with the potty training.  He initially had a few accidents, but quickly picked up that he needed to go to our deck door to let us know he had to go out.  We keep him in the bathroom during the day while we're at work and he'll have one accident during the 6.5 hours that we're gone.  He's even had a few days where he hasn't gone at all.  We're so lucky he's been so good with this.  I think it's easier having Chip so that they can go out at the same time.


There isn't much 'gear' that we use with Javie other than his harness and leash.  He was able to wiggle out of his xxxs harness for awhile and absolutely hated being on a leash, but we practiced with him by coaxing him down the street with treats and now he loves going for walks.  We also have some pet stairs that we have next to our bed.  He can get up all the steps, but can't quite make that last jump to our bed yet.  I have a feeling that will come soon, tho.  
We ordered a few toys for him on Amazon and he loves them.  There is an orange rope that he and Chip love to play tug of war with.


- playing/wrestling with his brother, Chip
- snuggling with his sisters
- going for walks
- watching his sisters play at the park and having all the kids give him so much attention
-  exploring the back yard (now that the snow is finally gone)


- when Chip is sleeping and won't play with him
- when Chip is eating and won't share


Adam and I are loving our new little guy.  It's been nice for us that he's been such an easy puppy so far.  As completely silly as it sounds, we kinda feel like he completed our family!


Alexa and Lillian adore their little puppy.  We never wanted them to neglect Chip after the new puppy came and they didn't at all.  In fact, Chip gets even more attention now.  They love holding him, playing with him and are so good about taking responsibility in helping out with the puppy chores.


Chip is kind of a high energy dog, so we weren't quite sure what he'd think of such a little puppy.  But, he absolutely adores him.  Javier is is little side kick and they go everywhere together.  He's such a proud big brother and loves to take walks with Javie and wander the back yard together.  They are hilarious to watch while running around the house and wrestling in the living room.  They are such 'boys'. 


We have wood flooring in our entry way, up the stairs and in our kitchen/dining area.  Javie was hesitant to go up and down the stairs with wood floors, I'm assuming because it was a slipperier.  But, within the last week or so he's been able to go up and down without a problem.  Yay!


Javie, Baby, Dude, Alexa calls him Mr. Javes.  

{Dear Javier}

Thank you for being such an amazing puppy.  We love you so much.  You really have provided us with some fun entertainment and lots of love.  We love you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Broken Elbow

Most of you have seen through Instagram or Facebook that our little Lilli broke her elbow this weekend.  We've gotten so many sweet text messages and phone calls wishing her a speedy recovery and we can't thank you enough for thinking of her and keeping her in your prayers.

She is doing fabulously!  I don't know anyone who can rock a pink sparkly cast as well as this little girl.  She's so brave and such a trooper.

I know you're all wondering what in the world she did to break her 'elbow' and to that we say, very good question!  I hope this doesn't make Adam and I sound like terrible parents, but neither of us actually saw what happened.  The story we were given is from one of the neighbor kids who was with her that saw her fall.

Adam and I worked all Saturday afternoon in the back yard, cleaning up leaves that had been there from last Fall and raked up some dead grass from over the winter.  We also had some spots of grass that had been growing into chunky clumps (crab grass?) that we wanted to get rid of, so we dug them up and added new dirt to eventually re-seed when this darn weather decides to warm up.

The girls, along with a handful of neighbor kids were running from dirt pile to dirt pile collecting worms and putting the baby ones in one cup and the adults into another cup (so gross, I know - and they eventually let them all go, too).  Next thing we know, Lilli is crying.  Adam ran to her first and she was able to tell us that she had fell and hurt her arm.  By this time it's about 5 in the evening and it was just reaching that point where it's hard to determine if she's really really hurt or if she's just getting tired.  I snuggled her for a bit, she calmed down and then ran inside to rest and watch some TV.  

We asked her what had happened and all she would say was that she fell and didn't remember how or what she hit.  We just know the general area she was playing and speculated that she had hit one of the patio blocks we have holding down the tarp to our swimming pool when she fell.

Adam and I finished up outside and then went in to get ready.  We had a babysitter lined up so that we could go on a much needed date.  Before we left, Lilli had me tell the babysitter that she had hurt her arm, but she seemed fine.  She was able to move it up and down and wasn't crying in pain or anything.

When we got back and put her to bed, she complained a little bit, but nothing very alarming.  Don't judge, but again we chalked it up to her just being tired because she was more whining than anything.  

She didn't sleep well at all during the night, which was very unlike her.  She's been sleeping like a rock lately!  She wasn't crying in pain or saying anything, but she was tossing and turning and just wasn't able to get comfortable.  In the morning I tried testing her a little bit without her realizing what I was doing.  I hugged her on her left side to put a little pressure on that arm, would try moving her hand/arm in different direction and sometimes she'd be fine and other times she'd say it hurt.

We went to watch the competitive teams from the girls' dance studio perform that morning (and SO glad we did - what FUN!) but it wasn't until we left and started running to our car (because it was sooooo cold out) and Lilli started crying (with tears) in pain that Adam and I knew we had to take her in.  We drove straight to urgent care and got there around noon.  Adam and Alexa dropped Lilli and I off to get checked in and then left to run some errands.  

The doctor touched on Lilli's arm from wrist to elbow and had her tell her where it hurt.  Lilli pointed to the crease of her arm and a little around her wrist.  She still had quite a bit of strength in being able to push and pull pretty well, but the first set of x-rays, that were mainly taken of the forearm showed a slight line near the elbow.  The doctor said it didn't look like a typical fracture, but there was clearly something there.

So, she had the x-rays sent to a radiologist for a second opinion.  He, too, couldn't rule out a fracture, but wasn't 100% sure.  He ordered her to have a second set of x-rays taken of the elbow area for a clearer look.  And sure enough, they both agreed that it was a fracture.

The doctor wrapped her arm in a temporary hard cast and ace bandage and we were to make an appointment with an orthopedist the next day for them to put a hard cast on her.

It wasn't until we got home and talked with our neighbor girl, Maddie, who was playing with the girls that we got the full story of what had happened.  Apparently, she tripped over a piece of sod in the yard and landed on a concrete patio block right on her elbow.  So, our speculations were pretty accurate.

We got in to the orthopedist late Monday morning and Lilli chose a hot pink cast with glitter!!

Casts have come such a long way from when she broke her arm the first time (no, this isn't our first go-round with a cast for Lilli) at 9 months.  This one is so pretty with the sparkles and it's also completely waterproof!!  We love that they have these options to turn a not so fun situation into something a little more glamorous for kids.

Lilli has been a complete rock star during this whole process.  She didn't complain once during the 4 hours spent at urgent care, taking x-rays, waiting for the doc to read them, sending them off for a second opinion, getting more x-rays, taking her arm in and out of a sling, starving to death because we hadn't had lunch..ect.  

She has also really adjusted well to the cast.  She's very independent and despite my concerns of her being able to go to the bathroom on her own (try pulling your pants up with one arm!), being able to put her shoes and coat on at school..ect, she has proven that she do everything on her own and with a smile on her face.

I also thought she may get frustrated trying to sleep with a hard, bulky cast on but clearly that hasn't been an issue either....

She has an appointment to get the cast off on May 1st just in time for dance pictures on May 3rd. :)  We're hoping that everything heals properly and she won't have any ongoing issues with it in the future.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strawberry Parfait {recipe}

Alexa offered to make dessert last night and I'm not the kind of person to ever turn down dessert, even made by a 9 year old.  I knew what we had in our house for food, so it couldn't be THAT bad.  Although, she's the kind of kid who thinks that dunking apples into a mixture of ketchup and ranch is good, so I had my reservations.  But, to my surprise she created a brilliant parfait that Lilli and I gobbled right up.  

Alexa's Strawberry Parfait

Vanilla yogurt 
Strawberries {chopped}

Start with cheerios as the beginning layer
Add a couple scoops of yogurt
Top with a handful of chopped strawberries

I promise you're kids will LOVE it and so will you.

Sometimes I try too hard to think outside of the box while trying to cook new meals for the kids and it just leaves me frustrated and not wanting to even be in the kitchen {it's no secret that I can't cook}.  But, Alexa's parfait was a simple think inside the box type creation and with very common ingredients that we have in our house on a daily basis.  Sometimes you just need to stick to the basics, right?
With spring here and summer on the way, I know this will be one of our favorite go-to healthy snacks.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Family Adventure Day

I have been feeling the heavy weight of winter lately and have been desperate for some sunshine and to be able to walk outside without a hat and coat on.  I can tell that my family has been feeling it, too.  We've been cooped up far too long and even tho the temps weren't super warm on Saturday, they were much better than what we've had lately {especially after an April snow shower just 2 days before}, so we weren't going to complain.  Instead, we declared Saturday Family Adventure Day!  We needed some family bonding time outside the walls of our home and needed to change things up a bit from the usually pizza night and board games.

We left the house around 2 in the afternoon and didn't arrive back until sometime after 8pm.  We told the girls that we were on an adventure and after many questions of 'where are we GOING?  but, what are we going to DO?' we finally stopped and explained our idea of 'adventure'.  We get in the car and just, go!  We end up where we end up and we don't say no to anything.  We headed towards Minneapolis, our favorite city, of course, and told the girls to be as observant as possible.  If something caught their eye and they thought it looked interesting, we'd stop and check it out. 

Our first stop was Sonic for some happy hour half-off slushies and ice-cream!  {grape slushie for Alexa, lime/cherry slushie for Adam, a chocolate shake for Lilli and a banana blast for me}  Adam and I wanted to explore Northeast Minneapolis a little more, which got a little long and boring for the girls, but they were troopers.  We made our next stop at Kramarczuk Sausage Company for some beef sticks and to drool over all their bakery items.  We also took this opportunity to stretch our legs and let the girls run off some energy up and down the street.

Eventually we made our way over to the Midtown Global Market, where we looked at all the cute shops and sampled some sambusa and spring rolls {notice the 'food' theme of this adventure}.  Lilli ordered pasta and Alexa found someone to make her some chicken nuggets.  Even tho they didn't try food outside their norm, they really took interest in the different cultures and loved looking at all the gift shops.  We spent a lot of time walking around and enjoying the market.

Lastly, we drove downtown Minneapolis where Alexa spied, CandyLand.  We let the girls each pick out a couple different candy and some cotton candy and Adam and I tried a bag of their mixed popcorn.  We had a blast walking around down town and stepped into Target to show the girls that there were 2 levels of Target goodness.  haha  We literally skipped back to our car and made out way back home.

We had such a fun day of exploring new places and being together as a family.  Times like these are priceless!  After putting the girls to bed, Adam and I just smiled at each other with absolute joy for we truly had such a wonderful day.  Memories were made..and our hearts are full!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MN Bloggers Favorite Things Party

Last Saturday Lauren and I hosted our 2nd Annual Favorite Things Party.  
With one under our belts already, this one was a little easier to plan and prepare for.  And we had an even bigger turn out!   

Kelly::Meg::Lindsey::Krysty (Hadley)

We went with a SPRING theme and used the bright colors of pink, yellow, green, orange & blue to decorate.  Everyone had a mason jar with a bottle of water, lemonade pack, a paper straw and some candy at their table spot.

And Lo created a beautiful daisy centerpiece for each table.  

For those of you unfamiliar with a favorite things party..the premise is that you share your favorite thing and then take home a new favorite thing.

We each brought 3 pieces of our favorite thing and then drew names to pick something new from the collection.

I brought a photo frame, baby wipes and MN zoo passes as my favorite things (shown in the bottom left of the above photo).  

I love taking pictures and of course displaying them, so the photo frame was very fitting as a favorite of mine.  Even tho my girls are out of diapers, doesn't mean I don't still buy baby wipes (in bulk).  I use them for absolutely everything and have a travel size pack in my purse at all times.  And as a bonus I included the MN zoo passes because it's going to feel like Spring eventually here in MN and there is nothing more that I love to do in the Spring that visit the zoo with Alexa and Lillian.

It was so hard to pick a new favorite from the large collection of goodies.  Everything was so wonderful!  But, I chose the dry shampoo and chocolate from Melissa, the eos lotion, face wipes and peanut butter cups from Carolyn and the 'crack bag' of chocolate Easter treats, pens & journal, thank you cards and face wipes from Lindsey.  I absolutely love everything I brought home…including some leftover slutty brownies from Carolyn!

We all brought a dish to share as well.  The table was overflowing with delicious-ness.  During the process of getting ready for the party and making sure I had all the decorations and paper products that I needed, I totally spaced out on actually making something, so I grabbed a bunch of candy and a couple galvanized buckets and put them on each table for people to snack on.

It was such a fun afternoon of chatting away with my fellow bloggers and meeting a few new ones, too!  These parties just keep getting better…I already can't wait for the next one.

Thanks to Zhenya, Robert & Syndal for the photos!!