Friday, December 19, 2014

Elfie {Elf on the Shelf - Week 3}

More Elfie shenanigans this week...

 {Replaced the girls' school pictures with a photo of himself}

{Brought out stocking up from the basement and hung them over the back door.}

{Captured all the Christmas stuffed animals/decor from our living room underneath the laundry basket}

{He must have missed the cold during some of our warm MN days earlier this week and decided to hang out in the fridge}

{The girls came home from school to see Elfie taped to the window...watching them get off the bus.}

{This is totally a staged photo...but, the girls literally screamed when they woke up to Elfie hanging from their bunk bed.  Lilli said..."good thing last night I didn't sleep naked." haha}

{They were concerned on how they were going to go to bed without 'touching' him, so he got himself stuck in the kitchen plate decor while the girls were in school to avoid any conflicts at bedtime.}

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Moscow Ballet's "The Great Russion Nutcracker" 2014 {Part 1}

{Alexa, Lilli, Maya, Kaylynn & Addison}

I did not intend to recap this event in "parts", but after going through my pictures...I'm pretty sure you'll thank me for breaking this up a bit.  Also, it's events like this that I want to include every detail that I remember so that my girls can look back on this special day and have all the pictures and all the memories right at their finger tips.  Because after all...this was kind of a big deal for them!!

Leading up to the weekend of the show was a little bit stressful in that we didn't receive much/any information from the Moscow Ballet as to when the kids needed to be there, what make up the needed to wear, what they needed to know, all those important details.  All we knew was that we'd be dropping them off, checking them in with their dance teacher and then we wouldn't be allowed to see them until the show was over. It wasn't until Wednesday night that we received the itinerary and were still getting last minute information through Friday night. 

The girls needed to be fully ready with hair, make up, tights and body liners and to the Orpheum at 7:45am Saturday morning for costume fittings and pictures.  They had a long list of things they needed to bring including ice packs, first aid kits, specific bobby pins, safety pins, hair binders, hair spray, gel, a zip up sweatshirt or bathrobe, a small blanket, facial wipes, wash cloths, hand towels, ect.  Their duffle bags were busting at the seams.

I was so anxious and nervous that I would forget something the night before that I barely slept.  Luckily the girls were able to get to bed and slept really well, because they had a 5:30 wake up call.  I on the other hand was annoying Adam so bad that at around 3:30 in the morning he told me to 'just go somewhere'.  He meant out to the living room or something but I took it as..leave the house.  So, I got some coffee and drove around for a little while.  I quickly learned that CVS in our town isn't open 24 hours...darn!  I was hoping to pick up some extra eye liner and other things that I had but thought we'd maaaaybe need more of.  Basically, I was just killing time until I needed to wake the girls up and get them in hair and make up.

I got Alexa up first.  She needed a low bun at the nape of her neck and could not use a bun form.  Then, Lilli came into the bathroom for her turn.  She needed a bun in the middle of her head and could use a bun form.  Eye shadow needed to be brown and they could use a little blush, eye liner, mascara and light pink lip stick.  Nothing could be shiny or have sparkles in it otherwise they'd make them wash it off.

Our friends Crea and Addie arrived at our house about 5:30 to do hair and share make up.  Then, Christy and Maya came and Gary brought his daughter Kaylynn.  We had the girls in an assembly line.  Crea was doing hair, I was doing make up and Christy was assisting in every way possible and taking pictures.  The girls were giddy as can be at such an early hour in the morning knowing that this day was very special for them and they wanted to take it all in.  It was so much fun to have a group of them together to get ready.  Maya declared them.."the crew". :)

I had some fruit, muffins and other breakfast foods out for the girls to grab and go.
We all piled into Christy's van and drove over to Jolene's house where she had another group of girls in her van.  Alexa joined them and we followed Jolene up to Minneapolis for the drop off.

{Early morning for these girls - riding up to Minneapolis for costume fittings & pics}

We had specific directions on where to bring the girls in a side parking lot to the theater and then we'd check them in with Dana, their dance teacher.  Parents were never allowed inside with them....which was SO hard for us mama's....but, they listen so much better to Dana than they do us anyways, so it worked out better that way.

{Dropping the girls off}

We were able to snap a few pictures in front of the Orpheum marque before they went in.

There were 8 dance mom's that caravan'd together and instead of driving back home we went out to Dunn Bros. for breakfast and coffee.  Jolene and I both ordered the breakfast burrito and she scored herself some homemade salsa and they gave me Tostito's.  HA!!!

We picked the girls back up on the sidewalk outside the theater at 9:15 and brought them home for a quick rest and some lunch!

They needed to be back downtown by 1:30, so it didn't give them a lot of time to nap, but the girls watched a movie and ate a little.  I repacked their bags and added some quiet games for them to play back stage, tons of snacks and packed their lunch boxes with dinner.

{Alexa with her Amazing Star's team in the skyway...ready for a full day/night ahead!}

{My sweet girls}

{Taylor, Jillian, Rachel, Alexa & Isabelle}

We checked them back in with Dana at 1:30, kissed them goodbye and wished them the best of luck during the show.

{Lined up in the skyway....our girls are towards the back..Lilli in the pink shirt}

We weren't going to see them again until 10:45pm. after the show was over.

Our studio partnered with another studio to provide all the young dancers for the 8 pm show, but mid rehearsals, the other studio let Dana know that they weren't going to be able to provide the kids they needed for the 4pm show, so some of our girls (both Lilli and Alexa) got to perform both at 4pm and 8pm.  They had dress rehearsal with the Moscow Ballet at 2:00 for the 4pm show...then did their first performance.  Then, had a break for dinner from 6-6:30 and then had rehearsal for the 8pm show at 6:30.  Alexa told me that it's all the same cast but the Russian's switched roles for each show.

While the girls were having the time of their lives...Adam, Crea, Christy and I went to the bar..had some apps and drinks to calm down a bit, monitored the clock constantly to keep tabs on what the girls were doing and counted down the hours/minutes we'd be able to see them on stage.

{Christy, Crea & I}

My parents, Crea's husband Jason and Adam's mom joined up with us later for dinner at The Rock Bottom Brewery. was finally time to make our way to The Orpheum to watch the show.

....stay tuned for part 2. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kris & Kate {Discount}


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Kris & Kate's dedicated team of passionate women who love trendy fashion and who believe in giving back.  To that end, they work tirelessly to give their customers amazing fashion at a great price and exemplary customer service while changing the world.

I have loved working with Kris&Kate and their amazing staff.  Their clothing is not only fashionable but it's super comfortable with a price point that makes my wallet smile!  The fact that they are giving back and empowering women all over the world is such an incredible bonus!  

The dress I'm wearing above is the Stella Dress in Charcoal and fits me more like a top that can be paired with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.  It's probably the most soft and comfortable piece in my wardrobe right now.  I love it and it's amazing quality!

Everyone loves to spoil themselves with something fun and new for the New Year.  
Check out Kris&Kate's trendy boutique and use this 20% discount code (momalogues) when ordering (exp. Dec 22nd).

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap {#KFawvsDirtyThirty}

{Alexa & Macy}

Saturday the girls were invited to their friend Macy's birthday party at an area roller rink, which left Adam and I with some quality time together to run a few errands, get our Christmas cards printed, go out to lunch and to do a little shopping.  It was so nice to have that time together after the crazy busy month we've had.  When we went to pick the girls up Amy & Chad asked if the girls could ride home with them for a playdate at their house.  Ummm...SURE!  Adam and I came home and watched the movie "The Heat"..a must see if you're a Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy fan.  The girls had a blast roller skating even tho Alexa has some massive bruises on her knees from falling too much.  

The girls came back in time for dinner and then once our babysitter arrived, Adam and I left to go celebrate one of my favorite people of all time..KRISTIN!!  It was her 30th Birthday and everyone knows how important it is to exit your 20's with a bang.  She went all out and reserved one of the barn's at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.

 Kristin is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I am so happy that this amazing world of blogging has brought us together.  Adam and I were so excited to be there to welcome her into her 30's.  I'd say it was one hell of a party!!

We sent out the search party for Andrea, even tho we know that she is notorious for being late...but, when she finally arrived is when the party started.  ;)

{My favorite GNOME turned 30!!!!}

A highlight of the night was meeting SARA-JAYNE {second pic from the left}!!  Kristin and Carolyn rave about her and her amazing photography all the time so I kinda felt like I was meeting a celebrity.  We chatted for a long time, shared a drink together and now I'm pretty much obsessed...I may or may not have invited myself to her house to meet her baby and declared us besties. 

I love these girls to death...


We got home about 2 hours after we told our babysitter we'd be home...but, how could we not stay and party it up...I mean, Carolyn and Kristin were thisclose to dancing to the Backstreet Boys on the table...that is after Kristin and I fought over who was going to marry Nick Carter.......ME!!

I think the pics depict how all kinds of special we all are...that's why we get along so well.  
Happy #DirtyThirty Kristin!!  Love you, lady!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Elfie {Elf on the Shelf - Week 2}

Our Elfie was busy this week.  Not only did he get into mischief during the night, but some days the girls would come home from school to see he'd been having fun in our house during the day, too. 

{Saturday morning of the girls' Nutracker performance, Elfie was found near our Nutcracker and left them a note that said..."Good Luck today girls...and remember to have lots of FUN".

{The morning after the Nutcracker, he was found looking for the girls' names in the programs and reading their Nutcracker books.  He left a note asking for their autographs.}

{Counting down the days until Christmas}

{Elfie left a mess of our kitchen, leaving all the cupboards open and helped himself to the girls' Halloween candy.}

{His sugar high continued as he had spaghetti noodles with sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry syrup and chocolate chips.}

{Playing games with Lilli's baby dolls and stuffed animals}

{Toilet papered the Christmas tree.}

{Looks like he got stuck in the roll.}

{Saran-wrapped the girls' backpacks together and tied them up with string....then left a note wishing them a good day at school.}