Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts {Vol.3}

The girls started D.A.N.C.E this week!!  Excitement has engulfed our house.  The girls are utterly giddy and cannot stop tapping their feet or doing any form of leap and turn through the house!  They've been introduced to their new teams and seem to be fitting in exceptionally well, Yay!  I've also started my carpooling schedule with 3 other mom's and epically failed on the 2nd day by forgetting to pick one of Alexa's teammates up for class.  I think I've apologized over a dozen times now and I'm almost certain they all think I'm crazy!  Oops!  Poor Alexa is completely embarrassed! I'm also the mom who asked to take 100 pictures on the first day, which is when Alexa went into this whole tirade of "i'msorryguysmymomwritesthisblogandneedstotakeover100picturesofusadaybutit'skindacoolbecausewegetalotoffreestuffandwe'rekindalikemodelsandyeahsosorryinadvanceforallthepictures". And it had to be written like that because, like...that's the way she said it, super fast and like, duh!  
She's turning 10 soon, you guys, feel sorry for me!! 
Oh, and I kinda tell them they are super famous models otherwise it would be nearly impossible to get them to pose for pics.  So, there you have it, I suck at carpooling and feed white lies to my kids!

Speaking of Alexa turning 10, the girls both have birthdays coming up next month, which means party talk has been going on in our house.  The issue is they both have so many damn friends.  Not that it's a bad thing.  I want my kids to have all the friends in the world, but when they start talking 'slumber parties' and wanting to invite all their school friends, dance friends, church friends, neighborhood gives me straight up anxiety!  I think we have a couple ideas worked out, but haven't fully committed, so I'll save the details for another post. 

Last weekend we took the girls to See's Candies to use a gift card that had been burning a chocolate loving hole in our pockets.  We bought enough candy to last us an entire year, but somehow we managed to eat it all in just a few days.  We also took the girls on a more extensive school clothes shopping trip to P.S., Old Navy & Target.  It was a lot of fun actually.   I spent the rest of the weekend doing a lot of cleaning and organizing.  I worked mostly on closets...specifically the girls'.  I purged a lot of their clothes and bought some closet cubbies for each of them.  So far we're loving it.  They picked out all their clothes for the entire week Sunday night and it's been working wonders for Adam in the morning, as he's the one that's typically getting them ready and on the bus.  Plus, their closet and dresser drawers have stayed exceptionally neat and tidy.  It's only been 4 days, but I'm hoping that this little bit of organization will keep in tact the rest of the school year at least.

Adam and I leave for Vegas next week.  It feels like it has crept right up on us, however, this week leading up to it has gone super slow.  Isn't that how is usually goes, tho!  We're pretty excited about it and could both definitely use the break and some time just the two of us, but it's no secret I'm terrified of leaving the girls for 5 days.  My mom will be with them for part of the time and Adam's mom the rest.  So, they are in good hands, but still....WAH!  I just really hope I can go there and enjoy myself instead of worry so much about what's going on back home.  #realtalk

I'm so excited for Fall.  It's such a pretty time of year, which unfortunately doesn't last nearly as long as I'd like it to.  A few people have been blogging about sweaters, boots, scarves, pumpkins, leaves, PSL's and everything else Fall related, it's kinda hard not to get excited.  As soon as I get back from hot and sunny Las Vegas, it's going to be all about FALL!  Temps in the 50's today make it seem like Fall already, but I am just going to go ahead and pretend it's not here until I get back from my trip!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Five on Friday

{One} On Labor Day I ended up taking Lilli into Urgent Care because her knee.  The day before she had slipped and fell on the trampoline and had cried pretty hard when it happened and then really favored it the rest of the day/night and the next morning.  She flinched pretty bad when I pushed right below her knee cap and wouldn't dance around or play with her sister and friends.  She had acted kind of similar when she broke her elbow, not really crying about it, but I could just tell that something just wasn't right and knowing she started school the next day, I just needed the peace of mind.  She ended up getting a few x-rays done and luckily the doctor thought that they all looked ok.  He still really monitored the way she walked and moved it around in a few different ways and put some pressure in different spots and said he still wasn't convinced it wasn't a bone injury, so he had the radiologist take a further look at the x-rays and lucky enough again the radiologist didn't see anything abnormal either.  She was sent home to put ice on it and take some ibuprofen for the pain.  She definitely favored it for a few more days but seems to be moving around and dancing like normal now, thank goodness.

{Two} The girls and I set a goal this summer to find 50 geocaches.  And up until Monday (the day before school) we had found 45.  So, we made it our mission to find 5 more that day and we DID!!  Adam came along with us and we had an absolute blast.  I've said this a million times, but this has really become such a fun family hobby for us.

{Three} Last weekend I was talking with my friend Amy and we had somehow gotten on the subject of fitness and working out and both mentioned that we had wanted to get up early and walk in the mornings.  Conveniently, we live a block away from each other so we decided to get up and walk together.  What better way to hold yourself accountable that to know your friend is waiting at the corner for you at 6am!! ;)  It's only been a few days, since we just started this week, but we have enjoyed it SO MUCH.  I not only love getting that power walk in each morning, but having that extra girl talk is so nice, too.

{Four} I'm still kind of in denial that school has started.  I don't think it's going to hit me until next week when dance starts and our schedule gets super crazy.  But, so far the girls have loved every second of school.  They are making new friends and enjoying their teachers so far.  I just have such a good feeling about this year.  It's going to be a great one.  I took this picture of their backpacks the night before their first day and then took a step back and thought about all the amazing memories that these bags will carry this year. :)

{Five} Lilli came home off the bus yesterday just beaming.  She had something to tell me and she just couldn't wait to share the good news.  She got all the way up to white (the highest) on her behavior chart and got to pick a prize from the prize box.  She chose a bright pink pair of Harry Potter glasses and is pretty much obsessed with them...AND she looks dang cute in them, too!  There had been some issues with her behavior in Kindergarten.  She is such a class clown and was always wanting to chat with her friends and make people laugh.  {personally, I also think her teacher was a little bit hard on her...after all she was in kindergarten...behavior like that is kind of expected, right?}  Anyways, I feel like there was a lot of negative focus on that last year, so when she was rewarded for her good listening skills and exceptionally great behavior already in 1st grade we couldn't help but celebrate.  Way to go, Lilli! :)

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I would have to say this is one of our most memorable Labor Day weekends to date.  Typically with getting the girls in the 'back to school' routine, we try to keep it pretty low key.  This weekend, however, was anything but and we loved every second of it.

Saturday we spent the entire day with our friends Chad and Amy and their sweet girls Macy & Sydney out on their boat "Tide the Knot" (Chad and Amy's first big purchase when they got cute, right?) on the St. Croix River.  It should be noted that all odds were stacked against us with potential rain in the forecast, Lilli waking up not feeling the greatest and oooh, you know...getting our Escape stuck in park after using the emergency parking break.  Thank goodness for Chad and Amy's patience and the proper tools because Adam insisted we get it fixed before we left.  Only about 2 hours after we had planned to leave, we were finally on the road with our fingers crossed that any and all bad omen's had disappeared.  
{for the didn't rain a drop, Lilli was perfectly fine and Adam and Chad fixed our car!}

It was smooth sailing once we were on the boat and out on the water.  The girls loved sitting huddled together in the lower cabin area, especially when we went over the huge waves.  It was so cute to hear them squeal with excitement.  

We never got a good picture of this, but Amy and I both wore practically the same black dress as a swimsuit cover up.  I swear that the more we hang out the more we find that we have in common.  Even silly things like neither of us do the grocery shopping in our family. Ha!!

The girls had a BLAST sitting on the back of the boat while Chad drove super fast.  

We drove all the way out to an Kinnickinnik Island and anchored the boat near shore and spent all afternoon hanging out on the beach.

Amy and I cracked open a bottle of "Kinky" and put our feet in the sand.  It was heaven, I tell ya!

Being in the water is one of Lilli's most favorite things on earth.  She could swim all day long no matter how cold the water is.  So her being able to play on the beach and to jump in the water whenever she wanted was such a fun experience for her.  And to be there with her best friend was the icing on the cake.

Alexa and Macy spent the majority of the time basking in the sand, frolicking in the water and meeting new friends around the island.

The rain that was supposed to come never did and it actually turned out to be the most perfect day.  Amy and I couldn't help but enjoy some floaty time!!!

Alexa and her beef sticks!!  She came up and asked me for 4 beef sticks and thinking she was going to give one to each of the girls, I opened them all and handed them to her.  She then proceeds to lick all 4 of them and giggled and said...these are ALL mine.  Such a goof!

The water was super shallow, so the girls could swim out pretty far and still be able to touch.  And they absolutely LOVED jumping off the back of the boat.


Adam is getting Chad just as obsessed with bags as he is, so when they saw some guys next to us pull some boards out of their boat, they just about jumped out of their beach chairs.  Ok, they did jump out of their beach chairs and ran right over to them to see if they could play with them.  Adam walked back completely deflated and said that they were going to play with their wives.  Well, 2 minutes later the guys walked back over and asked if Adam and Chad still wanted to play because their wives were perfectly happy just hanging out on the beach and in the water.  They played a few games {and beat them} and then spent the rest of the time throwing  a football around.

We didn't leave the island until about 5:30 and even then still didn't really want to leave, but knew we had to and wanted to get something for dinner.

We stopped at House of Coates for some amazing burgers on the way home and kept Macy with us for a sleepover.  Sydney had already fallen asleep, so she just stayed home.

We picked up right where we left off on Sunday.  We met up with Amy and Chad at a nearby park for a picnic and then came back to our house.  The girls swam and we played bean bags.  Adam cooked us an amazing Mexican meal and we sipped on beer-garitas!  Sydney and Macy slumber partied with us again, which the girls LOVED!

Monday was our chill day.  
We ran a few errands and got the girls ready for their first day of school!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School {1st & 4th Grade}

I've been slacking on posts lately and I have a pretty good's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!
That statement is just as shocking to me as it is for most of you!!  I'm not going to even get started on how fast this summer went...or if we really even had a summer at all.  But, I will say that the past 3 months have been super great and I really felt like Adam and I both had some good quality time with our girls before we embark on yet another school year and busy season of dance.

It's just plain crazy that Alexa is already in 4th grade.  She is such a happy, spunky little girl and is excited to be back in school to learn and socialize with her friends.

And Lilli's in 1st grade.  How is my baby so big already?  
There was not a single ounce of hesitation for her to get back to school.  She was so ready and so excited to learn learn learn.

We spent the night before their first day of school like we have every year before with me treating the girls to some royal spa treatment.  Bubble baths, full body and facial massages and manicures and pedicures.  It's the perfect way to get them prepared for the new school year.  We talk about our expectations, their roles as students and to challenge themselves.

They each wanted braids in before bed so that they could have curly hair for their first day of school.  

And if you think for one second that I made them dress the same, you're completely wrong.  It was all them.  I LOVE that Lilli wants to be just like her big sister and that Alexa is so cool about letting her copy her.  I know that won't last forever so I have to savor these moments.

It's interesting to see who's all at the bus stop each year.  I remember Lilli being so excited to actually wait in line and get on the bus with all the big kids last year.  And this year she acted like a total pro.  Some kids have moved up to middle school and ride on a different bus and others will be graduating high school this year.  

{Ava, Hannah, Alexa, Lilli & Cody}

And just for fun I put together some fun little back to school stats on the girls and since it's only a month away from their birthday's, this is kind of a fun thing to compare every year.

Check out their back to school interviews...HERE.

How did your kids handle the first day of school??  Were they excited? Nervous?  How about you mama's?  Tears of sadness or tears of joy??