Friday, October 30, 2015

Alexa's Braces

We've been aware of the fact that Alexa was going to need braces for quite some time.  Her dentist has been keeping close watch on her eye teeth that were way up high in her mouth and not coming through.  We were waiting for all her baby teeth to fall out to see if that would create more space for them to come through and move down a bit, but after she lost all her baby teeth, her mouth was still not allowing the room they needed to come through.  So, it was time to set up a consultation with an orthodontist to see what they recommended.  We have a couple friends with kids with braces so I asked where they went and what they thought.  Both were at different places and both had great experiences.  We decided to set up consultations at both places we were recommended and see which one we felt most comfortable with.  Lucky for us, we fell in love with the first place right after Alexa's consultation.  Sometimes you just know right off the bat.  We couldn't have been happier with the friendly staff, the thorough consultation, the amazing doctor...and of course the full smoothie and coffee bar didn't hurt either. ;)

{Alexa getting pictures taken at her consultation}

She had many pictures and x-rays taken, so we got to see several views of her teeth, mouth and jaw.  They definitely confirmed that she needed braces and that she had a slight over bite. 

Alexa's birthday was just a week after her consultation and she didn't want braces on her birthday, so we scheduled for them to be put on on Oct. 13th, right away in the morning.

I wouldn't say Alexa was excited about getting them, but she was definitely accepting of the fact she needed them and didn't fuss about it at all.  Her thoughts were "the sooner I get them on, the sooner I can get them off".  

{Before pics}

She was more anxious than nervous on the morning of but, kept a positive attitude and held on to her brave face.

{During photos}

For now she only has brackets on the top teeth and it took about 20-25 mins to put them on.
She'll get the bottom ones put on sometime in February and then will eventually have the rubber bands to correct her over bite.

{Dr. Bonvino}

{After photo}

If anyone can make braces look cute, it would be Alexa.  

 {First braces selfie}

So far she has been handling them as best as we could have ever imagined.  She knew she wouldn't be able to eat certain foods or treats once she got them on so for her birthday we spoiled her with skittles , popcorn, laffy taffy as well as many other sticky foods.  

I was worried that she'd be constantly walking around with food in her teeth or making silly faces with her mouth as she adjusted to the braces, but she is very conscious of food getting stuck and hasn't walked around with puckering up her lips or anything.  We're so proud of her.  

The pain has been minimal, too.  Her braces are heat activated to the temperature of her mouth, so if she is ever in any pain she can drink something cold and it should feel better - hence the smoothie bar. ;)

We're hoping by her 13th birthday, she'll get them off.

Happy 8th Birthday, Lilli!!

On Oct. 4th we celebrated Lillian's 8th Birthday.  I think her birthday stung a little worse for me than Alexa's.  Lillian is my 'baby' and an 8 year old is so far from the baby stage.  She's growing so fast and is almost as tall as Alexa.  They are still sharing clothes and are surprisingly still ok with it.  Lilli is as spunky and silly as they come.  Quick witted is an understatement.  She loves to be goofy, make people laugh and is always having the time of her life...while keeping us on our toes, of course!  She'll probably be the one to give me my first grey hair, but I never ever want her to lose her spunk, sass and sense of humor.  She's such a joy and we are so proud of the little lady she has become.  My favorite is when she says things like..."I love you so much mommy, you're the best mommy ever" and gives me hugs and says "I just don't ever want to let go".  And "you make every so special".  She's a ray of sunshine that makes me smile all the time.

We spent their 'birthday weekend' at the mirror maze in the MOA, bowling, going out to eat and a stop at Cherry Berry for fro-yo!

Celebrating my girls is my absolute favorite thing to do!!

Lilli's friend party was on the 16th....

It was the same as Alexa's - 2 hours (from 5-7), they had pizza, an ice-cream sundae bar and just hung out and danced.  A few of Alexa's friends (who had sisters that were at Lilli's party) came to Lilli's party, so the older girls just kind of took control and had the little ones doing the whip and nae nae and the wobble as well as a fun game to have Lilli open her presents.  It was lots of fun and Lilli was totally in her element with all attention on her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Alexa!

Oct. 1st was Alexa's 11th Birthday.  I'm still processing the fact that she no longer has enough fingers to show her age.  And while I can sit here and tell you how fast time has gone and how I long to hold her tiny squishy baby body, I can't say that I hate this age.  In fact, it's pretty awesome.  Alexa is all around perfection.  She is an amazing kid, an excellent student and very rarely gives us a hard time.  She is 100% daddy's girl and I'm totally ok with that...sometimes.  Her heart is bigger than her body with all the love and kindness she offers and she is beyond her years in maturity.  She's strong and brave, dedicated and determinded.  She is the happiest girl and loves to laugh.  And that laugh of hers is quite amazing.  She has more friends than I can count and is always up for doing something FUN!  11 years...11 amazing years of being this girls mama!  I am so blessed!

Her birthday was on a Thursday.  She had school all day and then dance all night.  It happened to be 'bring a friend to dance' week and she was able to bring her friend Miranda to pre-pointe, strength and flexibility and ballet...and then I surprised her and all her dance friends with root beer floats after class.  Adam also made her favorite meal, tacos with hard shells.

Friday, the 9th she had a group of her friends over to celebrate.  We had pizza and an ice-cream sundae bar.  The weather was perfect - they were able to eat outside on the deck, jump on the trampoline and run around and dance in the backyard.  They had a blast!  I just love seeing my girl so happy and full of laughter around her friends...she's so lucky to have some of the very best!