Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Craft: Balloon/String Pumpkins

Another fabulous Halloween craft idea came from Jeanette at Temporary Insanity.  I was really excited about this one because of the process of the whole activity.  I knew my girls would love to go step by step...and get messy with all the glue.

Balloons - water balloons would work great for this because they are a bit smaller.  But, I used regular sized balloons and used about a short breath and a half to blow them up.  {the ones in the photo below we discovered were too big, so I let the girls play with them and started again with a new batch}
Glue:  We made 6 balloons and I used about a bottle and a half.  Mix 1 part glue with 1 part water.
Jeanette suggested that adding more glue worked better than more water - so, we tried that and it seemed to work very well.
Container: for the water and glue mixture.
Yarn or String:  Cut into sizes that will wrap completely around the balloons and even a little extra so they can overlap.  Measure 1 and then use that to cut the remaining pieces.  You could use orange or yellow to make cute little pumpkins or gourds or we used some multi-colored yarn of green, orange, white and yellow - for more of a unique look.
Newspaper: to cover your work surface.

Alexa and Lillian had a great time dipping the yarn in the glue/water mixture and wrapping them around the balloons.  We pretty much have glue all over our kitchen right now, but it was worth it for all the fun we had.

The key to wrapping the yarn/string is to try and keep it as tight as possible.  I felt this was a little difficult for the girls to do and they got frustrated at times.  So, basically they wrapped as much as they could as best as they could and then I took them and readjusted them a little bit to make them tighter and to cover some of the bigger holes.  I also added a few strands of yarn to ensure the hold.

Once the balloons are wrapped with plenty of yarn/string - leave them set on the newspaper to dry.  When the top side is dry, flip them over so that the bottom can dry as well.

We did this project last night and I was too anxious this morning to cut out the balloon before the bottom was completely dry.  I wish I would have waited because they lost a little bit of their shape because one side was still wet and droopy.

When popping the balloon, carefully poke a small slit and slowly let the air out.  Some of the yarn/string may want to stick so just carefully pull each piece loose and remove the balloon from the center.

The finished product!! 
We hung them above the door in our kitchen.  They look so pretty and festive especially up against the sunshine. 

I still have a little of the glue/water mixture left - so, I'm hoping to make some more later.  So much fun!
Thanks Jeanette for sharing your Halloween/Fall craft.


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