Thursday, January 26, 2012

MOMables - Lunch Menu Subscription Review + 3 Months FREE giveaway!

It is no secret that I struggle terribly in the kitchen.  I honestly long for the day when I can go to the refrigerator, open it up and create something amazing from the few ingredients that I find.
We are so guilty of buying the same things at the grocery store all the time just because I'm limited on what I can and will make.

So, needless to say when the opportunity came my way to review an online lunch menu subscription from MOMables, I was totally gung-ho!  It was my chance to prove to my kids (and myself) that I could make something other than the usual few dishes that I make - and I was happy to get a spark of creativity

At first I was a little skeptical only because I thought that the menus were geared more toward lunches and packing lunches for my kids at school.  Both my girls eat school lunches!  But, to my surprise and excitement the menus are very much dinner friendly, as well - and there are times when leftovers are available for the next day, which is another huge plus.

MOMables menu subscriptions are so easy.  You log on every week to get your meal plan for each day of the week, which all coordinate with each other so that you can prepare a few things in advance (awesome!).  The menu's also feature pictures of the meal.  For me this is so helpful, as I'm a very visual person.

To make your life even easier, each weekly menu plans come with a complete shopping list of all the food and ingredients that you'll need for the entire week (double awesome!)  You can print it off and take it right with you to the grocery store.  It can't get much easier and convenient than that.

All meals are healthy, nutritious, kid-tested and approved.  I love the convenience of each meal, they are quick and not so complicated that I will leave me frustrated. 
The mastermind chef's behind these meals are all MOMS themselves - so, they know firsthand that dealing with busy, active schedules, full-time jobs, picky-eaters and wanting to provide your children with the best, nutritious meals possible can be difficult.  They make it easy for us to prepare something fast and easy that our kids will actually eat. 

On the MOMables website you will also find some FREE snack, breakfast and other recipes that you may find helpful.

Ok, so now I know you are thinking this is all kinda too good to be true.  It's literally SO EASY!
But, I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.  You'd think you'd have to spend an arm and a leg for a subscription that is this genius, right? - well, you're wrong. 

3 months = $18.00 ($6.00/month)
6 months = $33.00 ($5.50/month)
12 months = $60.00 (just $5.00/month)

I can assure you that it's definitley worth it! 
Subscribe yourself, and subscribe for a family member or friend as a gift.

MOMables would like to offer one of my readers a FREE 3 month subscription to their lunch menu's.

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Jeanie said...

Love that the menu is kid-tested.

Devon F said...

I love that they are kid tested & and designed for busy parents

2bufa4u at cox dot net

Aline Grigorian said...

I hate cooking (so hubby does it!), so anything to make it easier for us would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway :)

GypsyFox said...

what a great idea!! sweet giveaway for sure :)

Karen said...

I love the lunchboxes they have for sale. I'm definitely buying one (or two) of these this summer before school starts back.

Jennifer said...

Love MOMables and would love to try the lunches!!

Kimberly said...

Love MOMables!I am curious what other recipes are available.

Ludicrous Mama said...

The only reason I haven't already subscribed is that I only make lunches 1-3 times a week. When we're doing school full-time, I am SO there! But if I get in for free... well, I'd start sooner!

Jessica said...

Wow! MOMables is exactly what I needed and didn't even know it existed! I guess I learned that there is something out there that I could use to get our menu planning started!

Anonymous said...

MOMables is soo awesome! Your ideas are fresh, yummy and creative! And even better kid tested!
Crystal Bartz

Monica said...

I am a new GFC follower. I found you on a blog hop. I would love it if you would follow me back please. Thank you.

kim said...

Hi there,
I'm your newest follower all over the place! I am here from the Sunday Blog Hop. What a great idea, I'm awful in the kitchen, only because I always feel rushed and just want to get everyone fed ASAP. What a great idea this is! I'll be back!

Winona said...

I love how kid friendly they are, I learn so much about how to make it work!

eclairre said...

I love that they are kid friendly recipes!

OneWildMango said...

Love that they also include pictures! I'm a daily lunch packer for my 2nd grader and also pack a snack for my kindergartener... I would love to have more ideas of what I can send them with!

Gemma said...

I love that they include pictures! I can follow things so much easier with them!