Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alexa and Lillian: Travel The World - CALIFORNIA

Alexa and Lillian spent Easter weekend and the rest of the week after in San Diego California with the Nack family.  Alexa was super excited that they got to visit the San Diego Zoo.  During her recent research project on zebra's she spent a lot of time on the San Diego Zoo website learning more about her animal.
Now, she was able to see some first hand pictures of her Flat Me visiting the zoo.

It was also interesting to see that California has been experiencing cooler/rainy weather for this time of year, while here in Minnesota we've had warmer than usual temperatures.

Read below of their fun visit in California.


You arrived on April 6th at my house where you met my husband Ron, me, my daughter Sarah,

my English Bulldog Hank,

and Muse the cat.

Saturday we played at the house and went grocery shopping.  Sunday was Easter and we looked for Easter Eggs and played outside then had a nice Easter Ham dinner.  Monday we watched Peep and the Big Wide World cartoon which is my daughters favorite. In the afternoon we went to the park and played on the jungle gym and also planted some flowers outside.

Tuesday we went to the Carlsbad Ponto beach and played on the sand and touched our toes in the water as it was still a little chilly.  Wednesday we had a 30 degree temperature drop and it rained all day.  

Thursday it was sunny again and went to the park and played then came home and played with the foam blocks and buried my daughter in the box.  Friday and Saturday it rained more with thunder and lightening which is very unusual for San Diego this time of year.  Hopefully all this April showers will bring May Flowers! 

Sunday we went to the famous San Diego Wild Animal Park now known as the San Diego Safari Park as they changed the name last year.   We saw a lot of animals from Asia and Africa on a tram ride outside the huge enclosure.

Also, got to see the 10 month old lowland gorilla 'Monroe' with his mom.

A rare Northern White Rhino was basking in the sun which is one of the eight in the world remaining which will soon be extinct.

It was fun having you for the week as you were both very well behaved.  We hope you enjoy your next stop in Pennsylvania!


Here is the poster the girls have been working on of Texas..

Fun Facts:

- Nicknamed The Lone Star State
- Contains 3 of the top 10 most populous cities in the US; Houston, Dallas & San Antonio
- Human Population = 25, 674, 681 & Cattle Population = over 16 Million
- Austin is the Capital of Texas

If you would like to host Alexa and Lillian's Flat Me's in your hometown and share with us what it's like living in your part of the country - please email me at momalogues@gmail.com.  This has been a fun project so far for the girls to travel around the country; learning a little something about each state/city along the way.  



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