Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Macaroy Kangaroo Review & {Monthly Onsie Stickers} Giveaway

I have been waiting for this little princess to be born for quite some time now so that I can share with you the adorable Monthly Onsie Stickers from Macaroy Kangaroo

Kristin from Macaroy Kangaroo was so sweet to send me a set to give to my friend's daughter who was just born a couple weeks ago.  

Evelyn Grace - Just Born 

If you have not heard of Macaroy Kangaroo, you are totally missing out.  I tell ya, they are adding new things to their shop left and right and one of their super popular items is their Monthly Onsie Stickers.  They are such a huge trend these days - a unique way of documenting your babies growth through their first year. 

Macaroy Kangaroo offers so many fun designs for both boys and girls.  Bright and bold and soft and pastel.
Plaids and polka dots - and even holiday stickers.

You've heard so many times, "my baby is just growing so fast" - well, what better way to make the memories of just how tiny they were last than to snap a picture of your little one each month.  It's as simple as removing the sticker, placing it on a special outfit or onsie, taking the picture and then being able to take the sticker right off the clothing.  By their first Birthday - you will have created such a special keepsake.

Holiday Stickers

Each set of stickers includes 12 stickers - 1 for each month of their first year, plus a Just Born sticker!
They are such a reasonable price ($12), too, that they would make a fantastic baby shower gift!

Macaroy Kangaroo not only features onsie stickers, but an array of unique baby gifts, children's clothing, bags, jewelry, housewares, home decor and organizational products, stationary, accessories and some great holiday items.

Everything can be personalized so that it's special and unique, just for you - or a friend.

If you're looking for gift ideas, Macaroy Kangaroo is the place to look.  There is something for everything - literally!  I love one stop shops! ;)

Kristin would like to offer one of my readers a Monthly Onsie Sticker set - your choice of these 2 designs.

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