Monday, June 11, 2012

Alexa and Lillian Travel the World: LOUISIANA

Alexa and Lillian have been busy little travelers with their most recent stop in Louisiana.  If you are new to my blog - my daughters Alexa and Lillian are traveling around the world - flat me style.  If you've heard of Flat Stanley - it's the same concept, only they are traveling to LOTS of cool places - all in an attempt to learn more about our country and even other countries, too.  

The girls had a blast with Nicole and her little Kiddo in Louisiana.  They got to do so many fun things and even attended CHEERLEADING camp.  I'd say that was their favorite part.  RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH!!

Nicole blogged about their trip in a couple different segments on her blog, Bless Their Hearts Mom!

Read all about their arrival and parts 1 and 2 of their stay, & here.

A huge thank you to Nicole and her family for hosting the girls for a beautiful visit in Louisiana - we all enjoyed learning more about your family and what it's like to live in your part of the world.  

P.S.  THANK YOU for all the adorable new clothes - we thought we looked pretty stylish!! ;)

If you or someone you know would like to host Alexa and Lillian's flat me's in your hometown, please email me at  
To read about their other adventure, click the Alexa and Lillian: Travel the World tab above.

**I promise to post pictures of the girls' scrapbook pages of California, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Louisiana later this week*



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nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 said...

we had a BLAST having the girls, and my daugter is already asking if they are coming back NEXT Summer! LOL... there should be a package arriving for the girls soon!