Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alexa's First/Last Day of 1st Grade Pics

Alexa's last day of first grade is today! 
I guess the thing to say is that it's bittersweet.  I canNOT belive she is going to be a second grader, but at the same time, she is so ready!  She is ready for summer break and ready for new adventures.

We are so proud of our little mija at how she has excelled this year, what a good leader she has become and that she is simply...happy!

The above pics are her 1st day of school shots and below were taken this morning on her last day being a 1st grader.  The most noticible difference would be her hair, of course - but, I see first day of school excitement and anxiousness for the bus to arrive to take her to her new classroom and see all her friends, nerves and a few jitters - today I see confidence in her, a sense of accomplishment and success...happiness and a whole new world of excitement.  

My baby girl is growing up - getting so big and smart. 
I choked back a few tears this morning taking these pictures, but know that my little girls is becoming such an amazing little person - I am beyond excited for her to begin a new journey this summer going to summer kid camp, meeting new friends exploring new, theatre, field trips, art, cooking...ect.  I'm happy for her to have a fun summer and prepare for another amazing year in........second grade!



Devon F said...

She is so pretty! Congrats to her on becoming a second grader! :) have fun this summer Alexa!!

Kimberly said...

Wow, she grew so much in one year! I love that she has such a big smile in both sets pictures.