Saturday, June 9, 2012

Busy Busy

Life has been crazy busy lately - here are a few things we've been a up to.

Last year for the girls' birthday we got them a big 16' swimming pool for our back yard.  Their birthday was in October, so some would say that's just plain mean, because they had to wait the fall, winter and now spring to get their present set up to use.  But, hopefully it will be worth it - it's been a huge process for us to get this pool up and if you have one, I hope we're not the only ones who struggled their first time getting things set up..?

Adam started setting it up the Sunday before Memorial Day and realized after filling it about an inch or 2 with water that it was uneven..not horrible, but we strive for perfection! ;)

This turned into us digging up a 17x17' square in our yard and leveling the ground with the help of our neighbor and his digital level thing from work.  I'm going to stress that again....WE DUG UP A 17x17' SECTION OF OUR YARD - that's A LOT of sod.  I did help, I want to throw that out there, but my husband did most/all the lifting - and I should mention that it rained the night before so the sod was wet..and heavy.

Once everything was level, we began to fill the pool.  This takes time - about 12-15 hours, so we let it fill throughout the night.  Adam had everything under control with the chemicals needed to get the pool started and the girls were so excited that it wouldn't be too much longer and they could go swimming in their pool.


2 days after the pool was filled, we discovered a small leak.  This about threw us through the roof - our brand new pool and it's already leaking.  Not a huge leak, mind you, but enough to drive us crazy.

So, this sent Adam into the FREEZING cold water to look for the hole.  About 40 minutes of searching, he finally found it and it was about the size of a small crumb.  

Adam patched the hole and then jumped in a hot shower to get some feeling back in his body.

The next day he woke up and could hardly get out of bed.  His back and muscles were letting him know how much they hated him for putting his body through all that stress.  {Moving his sister out of her college house, moving/lifting and hauling wet sod, jumping into freezing cold water..then right away into a hot shower}  I've never seen someone in so much pain.

He's been at the chiropractor 3 times this week and will continue to go for the next 3 weeks.

We still had a lot to do in the back yard - the pool was set up but we need to fill the corners with sod and rake up the remaining pile of dirt.  We are so lucky to have such amazing friends/neighbors that came over to do Adam's dirty work while he was laid up with a sore back.

Thanks to them the grass around the pool is coming along nicely.

Chase raking sod.
They stayed to grill out and have a bonfire - yay for awesome friends!!

Alexa, Lillian, Ella and Aspen

The hard workers taking a break!

Lilli & Ella

Aspen & Chase

Inna & James

Alexa & Aspen

The girls making their babysitter (Tori) pull them in the wagon!

Good food & beer!

Great friends around the bonfire!!

Oh, and did I mention that my SIL moved in for the summer??  YES SHE DID!

Let's just say - this summer is going to be one amazing slumber party!!  

Adam's back is much better now, in case you're wondering.  But, he's still taking it easy.
The pool is still out of commission as we are trying to get the chemicals at the proper levels.  We're using a salt water system, so it's a bit tricky.  Hopefully within the next week or so we'll be able to swim in it.  Wish us luck!



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Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Your girls are going to LOVE having their own pool - it looks like ya'll are going to have a GREAT summer! :) Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Day!