Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Purple Carrot Review & Giveaway

I think it's safe to say that it's 'backpack' season.  I don't know about your kiddos but with mine, the backpacks are their favorite 'school supply' to shop for.

I'm so excited that I found Mary Lee's shop, Purple Carrot on Etsy.  She offers the most adorable owl backpacks that you've ever seen and the best part about them is that they are quality made so they are sure to last you more than a few years.   

Mary Lee's owl backpacks are perfect for your little preschooler or kindergartener (a child that doesn't have to carry many books).  They are even fabulous to use as a purse....(yes, Kelly at Keeping up with Kelly and could totally rock one of these)  

Here are the details of the backpacks and what makes them unique and a step above the rest.

- Mary Lee hand picks coordinating fabrics for each bag.  She likes each of them to have their own unique personality and theme.  

- Each of her bags includes a hanging loop so that it's convenient for you or your little one to hang up their bag in their locker, cubby or hook at school or home.

- She includes interfacing so that each bag is stronger and more durable.  

- Each owl backpack takes at least 8-10 hours to make (if you look close at all the detail, you can imagine why).  Mary Lee takes great pride in her work and creates to please in craftsmanship and quality.  

- While the bag does no include a magnetic snap to close the top, the drawstring closure is 'tight' and does not come loose.  

For those of you who are interested in a messenger style bag for either yourself or your child that is in a grade that requires carrying more books, ect., Purple Carrot also offers the style of bag shown above.  

It features a pocket on the outside as well as in the inside so you have plenty of space to carry your treasures and keep them all organized and easy to locate on in your bag.  This would be extremely handy for a student that needs space for books and has the pockets to carry pens, pencils and their calculators.  I would imagine Mary Lee's messenger bags would also serve as a great laptop bag.

There is also an adjustable strap so that you have the option of carrying it over your shoulder or across your chest.  

Mary Lee was SO sweet to send Lillian an owl backpack from her collection.  

I absolutely adore the color combinations she used with this bag. They are so bright and fun and very much a child-friendly look for my little preschooler.  

Lillian attends a Montessori Preschool which does't require her to carry many heavy items such as hard cover books to and from class.  Pretty much the only things she carries home are her paper projects that she makes during the day and show and tell once a week.  

This little bag is perfect for this.  It is just the right size for my 4 year old and fits comfortably on her back.  There are adjustable straps so that she can readjust as she gets a little older and bigger.  

Do you see his little feet?  So cute!

I am really amazed at all the wonderful details that Mary Lee puts into these little bags.  All the different fabrics used for all those sweet owl feathers are what makes her bags truly unique and one of a kind.  

The drawstring is such a nice feature and mainly for the fact that it actually holds it's tightness.  No loose drawstrings leaving all those special school projects and treasures to fall out...oh, no - they are tucked inside for good safe keeping.  

There are also pockets on the inside on both the front and the back.  There is a large single pocket on the back and 2 smaller ones in the front that would be perfect for a cellphone or keys, if you're using the bag as a purse.  Otherwise, it's great for your little ones to keep their treasures organized and separated.  

Lillian has not only used her owl backpack for preschool, but it also serves as a nifty little gymnastics bag, to carry her leotard and water bottle.  All in all, a very convenient bag for many uses.

Mary Lee is a SAHM who loved to create.
Her Mom and Grandmother's were all seamstresses, so she comes from a long line of artistic women.  One of her Grandmothers was a quilter, potter, painter and a rug maker.

Mary learned to use a sewing machine as a kid but didn't enjoy it until about 2010 when she saw a bag that she wanted to make, so decided to teach herself how to make it....and she hasn't stopped.  Her talents go beyond the owl and messenger bags - she's made curtains, clothes, a variety of other bags, headbands and more.  

Since 2000, Mary Lee and her husband have been making handmade books, as well.  She thoroughly enjoys selecting the papers and fabrics for the covers and the colored thread for the binding.  Visit her Etsy shop to see her beautiful books.

Mary Lee wanted her business name to reflect the idea of something natural, fun and creative.  Her husband brought home some purple carrots to eat one night (he works in agriculture) - what a fun way to eat carrots - and what a great name to reflect what she wanted to convey in her business.

It has been a true pleasure working with Mary Lee.  I can tell that she is very passionate about her work and each item she makes is full of her attention to detail and lots of her love.

Mary Lee is so generous to offer one of my lucky readers an item of choice from her shop!!


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